Friday, 1 May 2020

Sharing and Swapping Plants and Seeds

Every now and again you come across someone who not only goes that extra mile but does it with a smile and performs it perfectly.

Our Seed Swap had to be cancelled due to the current virus, so seeds went into the boxes on the gates and were replenished on a regular basis. The seeds were as varied as any collection and anyone wanting to grow something different was given the opportunity to do so. Who says they can’t get seeds today?

This year we have our brand-new community greenhouse which primarily was to provide a consistent flow of plants to our remote allotment at the new Crossrail Station gardens at Canary Wharf. Whilst the stores were working normally it was fully kitted out with bags of compost, manure, seed trays etc Obviously, the Canary Wharf allotment is now subject to strict controls which we are working under with the Canary Wharf Group and whilst this goes on we have more plants ready that we now need to share among our plot holders.

I asked today just how many plants we were giving away to plot holders and was staggered when i was told about 400! Tomatoes, beetroot, mange tout, strawberries, kale, spring cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, raspberry canes etc. Some are already given away and on the plots, some ready today others will be available in the coming weeks. The quality is very good, and novices and experts can all benefit.

As Chair I am so proud of the work and dedication shown and the tremendous effort of what is a very small team who selflessly think of others before themselves. This year we are going to all enjoy a bumper harvest and maybe one or two things we never thought we would be growing!

Our Site Manager is in isolation for the lock down, but his plot like a number of others in a similar position has been dug over prepared, It will now be stocked with plants and even maintained by a buddy plot holder for when he returns. It is important that we work as a community and look after those who are restricted today and give them something to look forward to later this year.

Its uplifting to see the allotment community spirit and people thinking and looking after others.